Wholesale VoIP termination:

i-KRAB e-sol Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed international carrier providing wholesale & retail VoIP services with Quality Terminations & 24*7 Hours Customer Support.

i-KRAB e-sol Pvt. Ltd. is an Exclusive Telecommunication Service provider specializing in wholesale voice termination, aggregation and transit services. We A-Z Country routing. So far, and We had directly established business relations with many large operators owning expertise in the industry. Our Core Values are Quality Routes, Competitiveness and Transparency We would like to tell you that we have A-Z Route for Bulk Traffic Terminations . We always try to maintain Quality of Service & Support.

Why i-KRAB?

  • • Free Test Account
  • • A-Z Market Beatable Rate
  • • High CPS
  • • No capacity restrictions
  • • Tier 1/multi-carrier network options
  • • Short duration penalties applicable
  • • High ASRs
  • • Multiple codecs available- G729, G723.1 & G711
  • • TDM or SIP termination
  • • No volume commitments
  • • 1/1 second billing
  • • 24*7 in-house support Contact us to quote rates

Class 5 SoftSwitch – Reliable, Scalable, Cost-Effective Solution

Class 5 SoftSwitch is an intelligent residential VoIP solution for VoIP Service Providers. It offers full-featured IP phone services to residential clients. A scalable Class 5 SoftSwitch solution offered by Ecosmob integrates call routing, E-Commerce, invoicing into one user-friendly platform. Our Class 5 SoftSwitch development renders intelligent programmable routing that includes a management interface for configuration and reporting. Clients can log on to the system to manage calls; they can access IP gateways and get exclusive AAA billing solutions for telecom industries.


  • • Free Test Account
  • • A-Z Market Beatable Rate
  • • High CPS
  • • No capacity restrictions
  • • Feature-rich voice mail
  • • Voice-mail
  • • Call Authorization
  • • Emergency number dialing
  • • Callback
  • • Customizable Music on Hold
  • • Caller ID
  • • Conferencing
  • • Call forwarding and waiting
  • • Package billing

Why i-KRAB?

  •   Round the clock access to expert technical team
  •   Highly trained Class 5 SoftSwitch developers

Click to call service

Let your customer initiate conversation via click to call

An instant calling widget, on your website or mobile app that lets you get in touch with potential leads at a click of a button. Click-to-call buttons on websites report better conversion rates, higher average orders, and increased sales.

Amazing click to call features and functions you will rely on!


Convert your web visitors into sales leads! Pave way for easy reach outs and enable your customers to call you for free!


Ensure standard privacy levels and build rapport for customer’s contact number privacy and implement secure layer for customer details security.


Monitor efficiency of the calls over a hassle free mechanism as all the calls are recorded automatically for easy tracking.


Reach out to your visitors in no time and increase the sale conversion ratio on the go! Get round the clock service and interact with customers across all time zones.


Stabilize the cost factor with simplified telephony solutions. Interact with your customers over a low cost infrastructure and save big time on your resources.


Retain your customers with instant response time and gain customer loyalty for speedy communication process.